Problem access www but can chat

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Problem access www but can chat

Post by seaoss » Mon Apr 22, 2013 14:20

I am very puzzled by my "internet" connection. Between 22.00 and midnight it can become very flakey.
Last night for example, 2217 - firefox had a "prolem loading page" for all websites I wished to view. So I tried Seamonkey and Midori - same issue with own browser message. I am currently installing Opera so if it happens again I've another browser to try.
Two things that make this more unusual:
a) I was still able to talk to friends via emesene
b) Other computer (netbook) was able to swiftly connect to multiple webpages.

Main laptop is running the latest version of Sabayon linux. Netbook is running fedora14 (old but working!). It can't be a firefox issue (can it?) as the other browsers had the same issue.

at 2338 - all browsers returned to being able to connect to the internet on both laptops. No other computers were using the network at the time. A printer was on - static ip. Both computers had different ip address and the netbook wasn't turned on until the internet "broke" on main laptop.


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Re: Problem access www but can chat

Post by chasha420 » Mon May 06, 2013 21:47

I know exactly what your problem is....I've been through that phase when I moved over to a new area.

It is a DNS issue and can easily be fixed. You need to set up some static nameservers to resolve dns, for example you can use Googles dns server: or or even Open Dns if ur comfortable.

If u dunno what I'm talking about, kindly post the result of this command when it feels like you can't browse (if u know what I'm talking about):

Code: Select all

cat /etc/resolv.conf
Also let me know what desktop environment ur using, if ur on can set up primary dns ( using settings of network manager. Quite easy if u ask me.


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