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some thoughts

Post by Caved » Sat Dec 09, 2006 11:03

Lo guys,

Don't crussify me on these thoughts but heres what i came up with.

What if you compiled and added to SL the CVS (free) version of wineX aka Cedega ?
It would attract alot more windows users since most every windows game (and about all
major games are for the windows platform, how scary that may be). granted it may take
some time and some effort but you would attract ALOT more people even gamers to SL.
Game support outof the box and you could copy the list from Cedega and tell people what
games they can run on SL. The amount of people that keep windows to just play their games is huge, wy not give them a true alternative !?

Okay that was one now the seccond.
I understand that for VMware you have to goto the site to get the serials to run VMware server but
could we talk to the guys at VMware to get some kind of standart licence for VMware so it could be setup in SL and work outof the box ? would it not be an awesome idea to have virtualization right outof the box ?

Anyway my 2cp

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Post by Appleman1234 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:13

That (WineXCVS) could be option for software to place in Sabayon Overlay, but the VMware suggestion isn't plausible, why not just do virtualisation with Xen.

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