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***Read Me: No really, read me first.***

Postby Square Bottle » Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:55

Just like it says in the description, you've come to the right part of the forum if you've got feedback or fresh ideas on anything relating to the look and feel of Sabayon, from the icon themes to the log-in wallpapers and beyond. Before you post in here though, please take a moment to look at the following considerations because this section has a slightly different spin on forum etiquette than you may be used to.

Thread Hijacking: Be twice as careful about sticking to the topic if you're adding something to a thread, and also, if you're starting a new thread, be sure to have as specific and obvious of a topic as possible. Try to have a separate thread dedicated to each image or idea you have (except if you've made a set of something, in which case yes, please keep the set together inside one thread).

Posting Images: Yes, the art developers can put images inside their posts, and so can you if you'd like to contribute! When you do so though, please try to keep the total space used by all the images in the post to 500x500 (consider posting a thumbnail as a link to an external, full-sized version of the work if you need to). Also, remembering what I talked about in the previous paragraph, it's only occasionally desirable to post an image inside a thread in any post after the first post (so responding with an image almost always isn't cool since it'll distract).

Posting New Versions: If you've already created a thread for an image that you did a while ago, and since then you've made a revision of it, please create a new thread for the revision but make it obvious that it's connected to previous threads by giving the new thread the same name as the older one with "v.2" tacked on (please, just keep the version formatting simple; instead of "v.1.0.1," just use "v.2" for example). And don't worry about going back and adding "v.1" to the first draft.

Chatter Policy: Please don't pollute this section of the forum with idle topics and posts. Keep it related to feedback and fresh ideas for the look and feel of Sabayon. However, don't be hesitant to post your thoughts! Even if you can only write "I just don't like it," then even though you'll have surely condemned the artists to pull out their hair and wish that you were more articulate and constructive, it's still preferable to no feedback at all! (This does not mean that flaming or bashing the artists or the audience will be tolerated.)

Thanks for contributing to make Sabayon the sleekest, most breathtaking thing to hit computers since Tux's first photos got out! "Gratzie!"
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