Toshiba L850-131 screen problems

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Toshiba L850-131 screen problems

Postby Leifi3 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 16:37

Hello all

Few days ago I bought a Toshiba L850-131 laptop, and yesterday I wanted to install Sabayon 9 x64 KDE on it, but I had some pretty bad problems on that path ...

Firstly when I boot into the LiveCD, I had that watermark logo that AMD hardware isn't supportet, to be honest, first time ever seeing that :shock: , and then my screen was "flickering" all the time, I tried adding a few boot options like nomodeset etc but it didn't do much either ...

I somehow managed to install the system, and the watermark logo was gone, but mi screen was moved all the way to the right, so my left side of screen was on the end and the right side was on the beginning of my screen, can you get that image in your head lol :)

I updated my system using Rigo and installed AMD prop drivers, the screen was good, but it was "flickering" alot and it had black bars all over it, and second time when I rebooted it, there's nothing :mrgreen:

So, my question is, how to get the proper screen and did anyone have those kind of issues, thanks alot in advance :D
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Re: Toshiba L850-131 screen problems

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:15

What is the GPU in that model of laptop?
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Re: Toshiba L850-131 screen problems

Postby Leifi3 » Sun Sep 02, 2012 14:10

Hello and thanks for your reply :)

Graphic card in that laptop is AMD Radeon HD 7670M with 2GB of memory, and as I said, the screen is now in "place", but it's "flickering" alot and it has those black bars all over it so it's hard to see anything ...

I played with those boot options yesterday, and I got "good" screen with edd=on and nomraid the first time, but when I tried it later, it didn't help :shock:

So, every time the boot options are somehow different for me, lol :(

*And yeah, those boot options doesn't have anything to do with the graphic card, as I have understood from googling it out later, they are for making raid fields and for old BIOSes that have support for bigger hdds, so again, doesn't make alot of sense :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance :)
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