Could not get boot entry

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Could not get boot entry

Postby Anders » Tue Aug 28, 2012 23:41

Hi there,

Sorry to bother you so soon, cause I think I will be needing some help down the road, but this was a short trip so far.
Im new with linux, and only tried it on a friends computer before, and Sabayon looks cool so Im here now.

I set my computer (HP z200) up with a new SSD harddrive on a SATA cable, also the DVD-burner is on SATA cable.
Installed from a DVD the latest G x64, let the system partition by it self, and before that accepted to have the drive formated (think it was a different word then formated, but nevertheless) it is a fresh drive,.

Problem during first boot without install media (also seconds dont help):

>>Hint: Use parameter scandelay[seconds] if your need waiting here
>>Activating iSCSI via iBFT
irscistart: transport class version 2.0-870. iscsid version 2.0.872
Could not get boot entry
mdadm: No arrays found in config file or automatically
>>Loading keymaps
>>Loading the ' ' dk ' ' keymap
ls: /dev/mapper/vg_yggdrasil-lv_swap: No such file or directory
echo: write error: Invalid argument
>>Determining root device..
!! Block device /dev/mapper/vg_yggdrasil-lv_root is not a valid root device
!! Could not find the root block deice in .
Please specify another value or: pres Enter for the same, type shell for a shell, or "q" to skip...

Could you please advice me what to doo, im kinda hoping for a desktop here :)

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