Nvidia 560Ti Linux Install 'Nomodeset'

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Nvidia 560Ti Linux Install 'Nomodeset'

Post by barryg » Wed Aug 22, 2012 13:01

Hi all. I upgraded from my trusty Nvidia 9800GTX+ to an MSI 560Ti some time ago and have constant problems when installing Linux. By adding the 'Nomodeset' entry to the boot parameters i can at least get to desktop, but once there i have problems setting up the Nvidia drivers.

Literally everytime after i install the Nvidia driver i'm asked to enter 'Nvidia-Xconfig' in Konsole. After doing this i reboot the system and end up in text mode because the install cannot find the Nvidia X-server. I reboot in recovery mode and eventually - sometimes - i get back onto the desktop. Get Konsole running and enter 'Nvidia-settings', guess what - i need to enter Nvidia-Xconfig to configure the drivers :roll:

As i understand it - being a noob thus i'm probably wrong - by using the parameter 'Nomodeset', i'm bypassing the Nouveau driver in the Kernel. I fail to understand why a graphics card that was released approx 1.5 years old needs a workaround for installation, but a 4 year old 9800GTX+ installs without the need for the 'Nomodeset' parameter.

Do you think this problem could/would be addressed by the Kernel devs, or perhaps another (easier) solution can be found for using a 560Ti card.

Regards Barryg

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Re: Nvidia 560Ti Linux Install 'Nomodeset'

Post by sabayonino » Wed Aug 22, 2012 18:08

I run SL with 560 and 560Ti . I've no probelms. no boot parmeters need

If you got NV 9800 you don't need nothing to setup.
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Re: Nvidia 560Ti Linux Install 'Nomodeset'

Post by Jomiel » Wed Aug 22, 2012 19:34

I'm also using a 560Ti and never needed any boot parameters.
Unfortunally I can't think of any solution for your problem.

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