Differences in the Command Line (Debian to Sabayon) [Solved]

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Differences in the Command Line (Debian to Sabayon) [Solved]

Postby merelyjim » Sat Jul 28, 2012 20:41

Coming from a Debian-derived background, I found Sabayon a bit confusing in how it treats removable (USB) drives. It might be too obvious, or too simple, but I got zero when looking for help through google or the forums. Eventually, I figured it out;

For Debian systems;
cp -auv //mnt/flash-drive/work/ //home/BackUp/

For Sabayon (maybe Gentoo, as well);
cp -auv //run/media/[UserName]/flash-drive/work/ //home/[UserName]/Backup/

I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere, just that I haven't found it. Figured if I pointed it out, the next Ubuntu-refugee* might find the transition easier as well.

* or any of the countless variations thereof...
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