Managing Languages

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Managing Languages

Postby p.barill » Thu Jul 26, 2012 23:07

Managing Languages and Dictionaries

I would like to get software with only two languages for spelling and the like: English and French (without the rest of the UN please). More specifically with Firefox and Thunderbird. And I'm not interested in getting loads of languages for UI.

If I try Firefox and Thunderbird from entropy, it tells me

>> @@ Download size: 55.0MB
>> @@ Used disk space: 1100.7MB

I got a serious problem with the second line! So I might as well consider the portage flavor, which might make more sense, especially as I can determine what LINGUAS gets there.

I have no desire to get 20+ languages. However I would appreciate to have French spellcheck.

Question #1:
Does linguas_fr mean that it will fetch spellcheck for French as well, or it this only about UI language?

From what I understand about portage, I should edit LINGUAS in /etc/make.conf. But we are told that we should not do so in Sabayon. Ok.

Question #2:
Then do what? How??

The "HOWTO: Safely mix Entropy and Portage" suggests editing

nano /etc/portage/package.use

Issue: that's a folder, not a file. And there are quite a few files "package.use.***" in that area. Still wondering how to set USE and LINGUAS flags.

Further, I noticed in Firefox and Entropy (from entropy) that the spellcheck got English US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, South Africa...

Question #3
Is there a way to kill this bloat from the menu? Quite nasty to have entries in my way when I never use them (and never asked for).

Thank you.
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Re: Managing Languages

Postby sabayonino » Thu Jul 26, 2012 23:27

Firefox was compiled with full language support (Binary Package is for everyone, not just for you ;) )
Remove language support from Firefox : Menu-->Addons--->Language

>> @@ Used disk space: 1100.7MB

not real. does not require 1Gb (and Over)

To remove downloaded package :
Code: Select all
# equo cleaunp

If you want Firefox with your languas support :
Code: Select all
# LINGUAS="fr en" emerge firefox

or set LINGUAS variable in /etc/make.conf and run "emerge firefox"

when you compile from porta ge, remember to run :
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# equo rescue spmsync

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