System is broke :<

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System is broke :<

Post by freezepop » Thu Jul 26, 2012 0:44


My sabayon install is quite broken and I shall explain the process before I had come upon my unfortunate situation.

I had recently downloaded a bin file and to install it I decided to use cdemu, however since it was not present in the sabayon xfce distro (or atleast when I tried using cdemu in terminal I didn't get a response) I decided to install it through emerge. Then when I attempted to use it with the file, I was unsuccessful... thus I removed it using

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sudo equo remove cdemu
During this entire process I was doing an update in the background, I ran the following

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equo update
//everything updated properly
equo upgrade
This generated an error to which I sent a bug report from the terminal under the name FZeroWing
I presumed that this error was most likely due to the removal of cdemu that I had done.

At this point I had not noticed any issues with my system, everything was still functional.
now due to the error I opened rigo and updated from there instead, whilst doing this (I regret doing this, I usually have my battery out when my notebook is connected on A/C) My notebook's A/C cord was unplugged by mistake and
the pc turned off during the update process.

now when I start my system and login to my desktop nothing loads, my mouse is frozen and the keyboard is rendered non functional. I also get an error when using the recovery boot from grub stating that my emerge and equo versions are different and I can't seem to do anything at this point with equo/emerge.

Forgive me for being so verbose with this, as I am still a neophyte at understanding the internals of linux.
I would be very grateful if I can get assistance with this. Is it possible for me to fix this using a live CD?

Thank you,

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Re: System is broke :<

Post by wolfden » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:33

That is why we recommend the default package manager entropy and only to use portage if you know what your doing. We don't support downloading files and manually installing them.

What you could do is boot up the live dvd/usb stick and try to chroot into the system and rerun the equo upgrade && equo deptest && equo libtest See this link: ... m_a_LiveCD

In future try to avoid manually installing files and messing with portage unless you absolutely know what you are doing. I can't stress that enough.

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