When to update the kernel?

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When to update the kernel?

Postby itlarson » Sun Jul 22, 2012 20:45

So, how often should I update the kernel? If I don't, will I eventually get an error message that I can't do updates unless I update the kernel? Or updating the kernel mostly for security issues?
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Re: When to update the kernel?

Postby Stupot » Mon Jul 23, 2012 14:59

Kernels are supported for a decently long time. As far as I know, it takes pretty much no effort to maintain older kernels, just a little extra hard drive space in the repos to keep them and their drivers there.

Upgrading can result in security fixes and performance differences.

I'm not sure if you get a message, but I've never heard of anybody ever having any issues of running a no-longer-supported kernel.

I realize I didn't quite answer your questions, but I guess my point being is, it's nothing to worry about.
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