GNOME errors and what the hells

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GNOME errors and what the hells

Postby D0VER » Mon Jun 25, 2012 18:58

Hey NoW!

Loaded Sabayon 9 x64

First thing i noticed is that the screen shots on site are different from the gnome gui in my install (no application, system, and places dropdown on upper left of screen.) Also the window heading bar is a different color than screen shot, and i cant seem to figure out how the hell to change it. I can customize every other feature, backgounds, buttons, hovers, etc with gnome color chooser, but cant get rid of this drab grey titlebar.

So i loaded the Cairo dock, if yall are fimiliar with this. But when i tried to change the theme, i got error, "whoops, something went wrong", and it logged me out. When i logged back in, holy hell, I had the dropdown menues in the upper left that i spoke of above ( applications, system, places). How does that work? I thought.... GREAT SUCCESS!!! but everything was very buggy, and when i rebooted, i was back to the same place i started. BALLS!

Compiz no work :( but i guess thats a work in progress. i just want my flippen wobbly windows damnit!

Any help would be appreciated.

I was using ubuntu maverick meercat previously, and loved my GUI, but they done stopped supporting it, and moved to this Unity nonsense. (its a computer, not a cell phone). Im thinking Sabayon has the potential 2 b #1, i just gonna figure out what the hell im doing wrong.

Thanx 4 reading!
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Re: GNOME errors and what the hells

Postby Jomiel » Mon Jun 25, 2012 23:03

Hi there,

what I think happend to you is that by trying to change your theme, gnome 3 changed itself to the fallback mode (because something went wrong). And by rebooting you started the normal mode again. You should be able to choose the session at the login screen.

You will not get compiz to work in the normal gnome 3 session, as it needs clutter as a compositor.

If you want to ditch gnome 3, you may like Xfce. It is more like the old gnome 2 and can use compiz (the 0.8.X version, not the new one that Ubuntu uses). But you may feel the need to tweek it a little to comfort you (at least thats what I did a lot).

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Re: GNOME errors and what the hells

Postby D0VER » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:44

Thanx Jomiel. Im messing with KDE right now, doing some exploring and such, I may have to check out the XFCE gui next
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Re: GNOME errors and what the hells

Postby wolfden » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:37

yea, keep in mind some Desktop Environments have their own compositor and adding others can cause issues. Compiz would work better with like xfce, MATE, vs Gnome or KDE. The future of compiz is uncertain as most major distros have dropped it. Ubuntu is about the only one still shipping it.
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Re: GNOME errors and what the hells

Postby TheRaven » Thu Jul 05, 2012 3:23

Hey Dover,

I am running Sabayon 9 KDE + Compiz. It's working perfect!!! If you install KDE, go into Rigo and type 'Compiz' in the search area. Install everything, including 'Compiz Fusion Icon'. It works!
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