Again you have out done yourselves Sabayon 3.2 Simply Rocks!

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Again you have out done yourselves Sabayon 3.2 Simply Rocks!

Post by Jozef » Sat Dec 02, 2006 19:00

I started using and was swept off my feet with the RC2 originally...I have literally used and tested out approx. 200 Linux distros as well as Solarius/BSD/BeOS/Zeta whatever OS I could get a hold of. I also am an active member of the UbuntuForums staff(aka: RAV TUX).

I have to say: Sabayon 3.2 Simply Rocks! I just installed 3.2 lastnight...I replaced KNOPPIX 5.0.1 (8GB DVD Installed) prior to that I had rpath installed.

I used the RC for about 3 months...and was very busy testing other distros...since then

there are some notable builds like Wolvix Hunter and others but none as beautiful and easy yo use as Sabayon 3.2....

Thank you for including SolarWolf upon default in the build(I request I made here in the forums).

I would like to Thank the Devs of Sabayon and the Sabayon community as a whole who have contributed to this beautiful OS, Sabayon is simply sweet...

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Post by cvill64 » Sun Dec 03, 2006 0:06

lol, thanks for the praise :)

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