New Sabayon User and I'm inpressed !

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Baby Hen
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New Sabayon User and I'm inpressed !

Post by bryce » Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:53

Hi every one through out the world in Sabayon land; :D

My real name is Bryce Hutchison aged 54 and I live in Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania down the bottom of

I'm not new to linux and wouldn't use anything else for years untill I reasently upgraded my computer to an intel core i5 and thats when I was stuck with Windows for a while trying to find a linux os that will install and run my new system.

I use to run Fedora on my old computer but would not even insall on this.
So I desided to give Sabayon a try by using Unbootin software to put the DVD image on a usb stickand installing that way.

WELL !! It installed on my current system without a hitch and Sabayon 8 runs like a dream with all my hardware detected
as well.
As I sed before ; I AM VERY IMPRESSED and thanks to all the devellopers for all there hard work, time
and effort in making this a truly up to date OS

regards bryce :)

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Re: New Sabayon User and I'm inpressed !

Post by joost » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:23

Hi and welcome.

We demand pictures of tazzy.

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