Startx user: "konsole --name" in .xinitrc not stable[Solved]

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Startx user: "konsole --name" in .xinitrc not stable[Solved]

Post by joe3 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 21:10

OK I found a work-around for My issue with this. Since the --name option does work properly with those instances of konsole that are initialized from within E17, I moved the two konsole commands from my ~/.xinitrc to a user script which I then defined as a personal launcher with settings>"settings panel">apps>"create launcher" Then the next time I started E17, my launcher script appeared on the list of selectable items with settings>"settings panel">apps>"startup applications" So I guess I;ll mark this as solved.

Something changed. I'm not really sure if it's something to do with Sabayon itself, or if it might be an E17 or even an KDE thing.

I have a strong preference for booting to console. And then, when and if I'm ready for GUI, I run startx as a normal user... At which point, my ~/.xinitrc feeds a few applications to X that I expect to find running on certain specific desktop areas when E17 {Enlightenment} starts. I've used Enlightenment almost exclusively ever since I ran away from kde4. But one of the places my kde roots show is a strong preference to use Konsole as my "xterm" of choice.

I have two bash scripts that I expect to find running in their own Konsole windows with specific --profile settings. One which runs my console based email client {alpine} I expect to find on desktop area "1,0". The other is a script that runs mc via a call to "su -c" so that it sits there waiting on desktop area "3,2" for my root password to start the root mc session.

I also have two E17 keyboard shortcuts defined to recreate these windows on demand, in the event I close them or {in the case of the 2nd script} If I might need more than one root mc session open.

Since Enlightenment doesn't "restore" the DE session like kde does, I learned to use it's "Window Remembers" function to recreate the parts of the session I care about, and pre-Launch the ones that Enlightenment doesn't "Start on Login" correctly. Like for example It would start two Konsole sessions, But it doesn't remember to use the assorted option flags. Thus I use my ~/.xintrc to initialize them with the desired options.

This has worked well for years. I use the same method on all the Linux distributions that I run. (I have 5 of them installed on this PC)

Currently my ~/.xinitrc contains:

Code: Select all

xdaliclock -12 -noseconds -builtin1 &
konsole --workdir /home/jtwdyp/STUFF/ShuttleStuff --name F12crap --profile BlackYellow -e medosumc &
yakuake &
konsole --workdir ~/mail --name F2alpine  --profile BlackGray -e alpine &
A key component of which is the "Unique" strings assigned to the "--name" flag that has for years reliably identified these two very different konsole instances from any other Konsole instances.

Today however, after I ran "equo upgrade" The "name" value stopped working properly with the ~/.xinitrc invoked instances of konsole. Sometimes they both wind up named "F2alpine", and sometimes they both wind up named "F12crap"

I note however that any instances of them that I fire up with the keyboard shortcut still consistently winds up with the correct command defined name value. It is only the two instances that Enlightenment inherits from the ~/.xinitrc that this value fails to get correctly assigned. And It might be worth mentioning that ALL the other option flags do work correctly. Even the ~/.xinitrc initialized konsole instances do wind up with the correct working directories, as well as the correct konsole profiles, and with the correct executable running within them.

Now however, in order to get E17 to place them in the correct desktop areas, I need to uncheck the "Window name" option in the "Remember using" dialog box, and rely instead on the "Title" option, and just hope that it's value continues to use the current format of "${A}: ${B}" where A equals the value assigned via the --workdir option, and B equals the value assigned to the -e option. (I note that A is not the same as $PWD because "~/mail" is not rendered as "/home/jtwdyp/mail")

Does anyone know what changed? Or whether this is more correctly an Enlightenment issue, or perhaps an kde thing???

Or if you happen to know how to make sure that the window Title will always be rendered as "${A}: ${B}" {see above} I'd appreciate a clue.


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