pcmanfm is unstable?

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pcmanfm is unstable?

Post by BHReach » Thu Feb 02, 2012 23:22

I am running LXDE 64 bit DAILY iso 1/25/2012 using plain icewm.

When using pcmanfm for sftp it crashes frequently. I am looking for a replacement and am open to suggestions.

I used to use konqueror as my file manager but several annoying changes made me drop it.

Annoying changes:

1. Eliminated the double dot directory in the file list so I have to move the mouse all the way to the upper left to click on the up arrow key to go to the parent directory (loss in productivity).

2. Dropped the text only view and now has icons on every view (Grrrr).

3. Slow to open directories with a large number of files.

4. Slow to launch.

5. The final straw was knotify, it would consume 100% of my cpu and I could not make it stop. KDE is going the Windows way and taking over more and more control of my computer.

Features I like and want to have in a light fast file manager (pcmanfm does not have all of them):

1. Double dot directory listed in file/folder view.

2. Text only listing without icons.

3. Network capable (sftp, fish, ftp, etc)

4. Tabbed.

5. Able to split a tab into 2 panes or a dual pane style interface so I can drag-n-drop files between the 2 panes.

6. File/folder compare and folder synchronization.


8. Able to do simple tasks like unzip files, which requires it to understand file types so it can launch appropriate programs.

9. Sort files by date, size, alphabetically, etc., search for files using wild cards and filter by content.

10. Fully mouse capable.

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Re: pcmanfm is unstable?

Post by throdon » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:16

There is a fork of PCmanFM called SpaceFM. http://spacefm.sourceforge.net/
It says its in the Gentoo Portage tree.
Can't check for you but I saw it, and the screen shots look cool.
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Growing Hen
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Re: pcmanfm is unstable?

Post by BHReach » Sat Feb 04, 2012 20:47

throdon wrote:There is a fork of PCmanFM called SpaceFM. http://spacefm.sourceforge.net/

I checked it out, looks like it has some potential but is too experimental right now. May be OK in a few months.

pcmanfm also crashes sometimes when I try to open very large directories.

I found a couple of light fast file managers that I can use until pcmanfm gets fixed. They don't have all the features I want but are very usable.

gnome-commander works very well. It functions similarly to Midnight Commander (mc), an ncurses file manager that I am familiar with. g-c is very fast.

mucommander (it is not in the Sabayon database but it is a Java program so you need Java installed, just download it http://www.mucommander.com/download/mucommander-0_8_5.tar.gz, untar it and run the shell script). It is light fast and works well. It has a more modern feel to it than gnome-commander. I had to make one tweak to get double clicking to work.

Adjust double click timing:
echo '*.multiClickTime: 500' > ~/.Xdefaults
cat ~/.Xdefaults
xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

These file managers both have one feature pcmanfm does not have, they can compare and synchronize directories.

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