xfsprogs 3.1.7 on sabayon?

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xfsprogs 3.1.7 on sabayon?

Postby PietroTux88 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 19:20

i can know if xfsprogs version 3.1.7 is available for sabayon and gentoo?on debian i have seen 3.1.7 last version.
im on here going http://xfs.org/index.php/XFS_Status_Updates

XFS status update for November 2011

November saw stabilization of the Linux 3.2 release candidates, including a few fixes for XFS. In addition a lot of bug fixes were backported to the 3.0 long term stable and 3.1-stable releases for users not on bleeding edge kernels.

At the same time development for Linux 3.3 went on at a fast pace, although no pages were merged into the development tree yet. The highlights are:

- further versions of the patches to log all file size updates instead of
relying the the flaky VM writeback code for them
- an initial version of SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA support
- removal of the old non-delaylog logging code, and cleanups resulting
from the removal
- large updates for the quota code

Userspace development was even more busy:

Xfsprogs saw the rushed 3.1.7 release which contains Debian packaging fixes, a polish translation update and a xfs_repair fix. In the meantime a lot of xfs_repair fixes were posted but mostly not reviewed and commit yet.

Xfsdump grew support for using pthreads to write backup streams to multiple tapes in parallel, and SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE which has been deprecated in favor of the nodump flag has finally been removed. Xfstests saw an enormous amount of updates. The fsstress tool saw major updates to exercise even more system calls, and found numerous bugs in all major Linux filesystems, additional ENOSPC tests, a new test for btrfs-specific functionality and the usual amount of bug fixes and small cleanups. Also a series to clean up the very large filesystem testing, including extending the support to ext4 was posted but not committed yet.
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Re: xfsprogs 3.1.7 on sabayon?

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:17

You can check these things for yourself. The ebuilds and versions available in the Portage main tree can be checked on the Gentoo Web site http://packages.gentoo.org/. The packages and versions available in Entropy, and the ebuilds and versions available in the Portage main tree, can be checked on the SL Web site page https://packages.sabayon.org/. And the ebuilds and versions available in Portage third-party overlays can be checked on the Web page http://gpo.zugaina.org/.

I did the donkey work for you this time and the latest version available in Portage at present is 3.1.6. So the short answer to your question is "no". You'll have to wait for an ebuild for 3.1.7 to be added to Portage, which will be used to build a binary package for Entropy in due course.
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Re: xfsprogs 3.1.7 on sabayon?

Postby PietroTux88 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 0:00

ok thanks Fitzcarraldo is for know this thanks for all about information ebuild 1.3.6
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