Wierd Bug in pcmanfm

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Wierd Bug in pcmanfm

Post by BHReach » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:23

Sabayon LXDE AMD64 Daily 1/11/12.

I tried to change the configuration of pcmanfm. I altered the icon size and that worked. I changed the view to detailed but it would not stick, i.e., when I closed pcmanfm and opened it, the view changed back to icons.

I manually changed the view in .config/pcmanfm/LXDE/pcmanfm.conf but that did not change the configuration.

I noticed a .config/pcmanfm/default/pcmanfm.conf file. The default directory and pcmanfm.conf where owned by root. I changed ownership to user and the configuration change worked.

Very strange that some configurations are stored in default and others are stored elsewhere.

Can anyone else who uses pcmanfm verify this bug before I file a bug report?

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