Dissapointed from Sabayon

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Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby pit_haris » Tue Dec 13, 2011 15:43

Continue from "Can anyone help me"

After a lot of experiments and more than 10 installations i manage to install Sabayon 7 on a usb hdd connected on a VAIO VGN SZ 650.
First of all the partitioning: anaconda, on use all space option, propose the configuration of the target hdd with lvm (large volume manager), but after 2-3 steps on grub, is not configuring th kernel line as well to support lvm on boot. That's why i had the errors during boot procedure. So the last time i use the custom partitioning to create normal partitions without using lvm. (i create sdb1(boot), sdb2(root), sdb3(home), sdb4 and sdb5 (swap)). But even and with this configuration during boot procedure the system asked for root partition. The answer is "/dev/sdb2".

Second issue the login screen: it was written my name (full user name), but i could'n login the system. I pass this problem after i wrote again my user name. (During installation procedure anaconda ask for root password, user name, full user name and user's password with this sequence).

Third issue was the big amount of updates (328) from the latest release. That's very good because the user has a new system every day but there are a lot of problems inside these updates.

I believe that Sabayon is a magnificent distribution of linux. But anaconda must be more helpfull with new users especially on background procedures such as creation of grub and partitioning.

Thanks for read this post. I hope and waiting for a newer version without these problems,
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby albfneto » Mon Dec 19, 2011 19:53

if you dont enjoy LVM, not use it. Other distros also uses. Example Fedora.

If you create your separate /root partition, you mistake to creatoe your REAL initial partition... /, Root.

/root may be "internal" a sub-dir in the / partition...

more simple,try to use manual partition and simple create a / partition, only one swap partition and /home partition. Install Sabayon in the / partition. The installer will be carry the installation.

Many updates... Normal, is a Philosophy of the Sabayon, Sabayon is a Rolling Release Distro
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby ReemZ » Mon Dec 19, 2011 21:08

Just to be an arsehole :mrgreen: but LVM means Logical Volume Manager, not Large...
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby batvink » Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:51

not to mention that, even at the partitioning scheme,
you can fully adjust the default LVM setup that Sabayon presents you.
(if you know what you're doing)
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby chasha420 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 18:25

I would also like to add that last time I tried going for the default LVM setup that sabayon provides...I personally had a problem with swap.

The swap by default is placed in the encrypted partition (LVM) so it didn't get recognised at boot time & I couldn't figure out how to fix that problem so what I did was make an unencrypted swap partition completely outside of LVM & everything worked fine.
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby pit_haris » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:17

My problem wasn't with the use of LVM that anaconta provides as default partitioning, but with the none supporting the LVM during boot procedure. The kernel is not supporting LVM by default. I have to install lvm2 package to see the partitions (at least in ubuntu). So i had a big problem with the proposed configuration. I solve the problem with manual partitioning (sdb1, sdb2, sdb5 and sdb6).
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Re: Dissapointed from Sabayon

Postby svantoviit » Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:50

chasha420 wrote:I personally had a problem with swap...

Seems to be an installer-issue, you can easily make the encrypted swap work.

Check these links:
Bug 2817 – swapon during boot failed
LVM with encryption No Swap? [Solved]
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