No internet Sabayon 7 Gnome

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No internet Sabayon 7 Gnome

Post by LinuxLoggie » Tue Nov 29, 2011 14:46

I am fairly new to Linux and this is my first install of Sabayon. Just installed Sabayon 7 AMD64 Gnome. Am unable to automatically connect to the internet...have Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet. From a forum search I was able to find a solution that is only temporary, if I shut down and reboot, I must use the following to connect:

#rmmod broadcom
#rmmod tg3
#update modules
#modprobe broadcom
#modprobe tg3
#update modules

Is there a permanent fix? Thanks.

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Re: No internet Sabayon 7 Gnome

Post by albfneto » Thu Dec 01, 2011 23:01

i never tested this, since i never had a similar problem, bu i have in mind that a possible solution is: after you carried the commands that you given, yo may try:

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# equo install module-rebuild
# module-rebuild populate
# module-rebuild rebuild
This can be repopulate and rebuild all the kernel modules.

If you want, you may fill a form in the Sabayon's Bugzilla, for ask if possible the team "build" your desired modules into the new kernels, the kernel updates for your Net Card
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