Contribution Installing Awesome

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Contribution Installing Awesome

Postby jk121960 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 13:30

HI, I was checking out the new Sabayon version, they fixed the problem I had previously in 6 so I was able to get them all in. (I am a disto-holic) I wanted to check out the Awsome WM version and it would to a login during install, I tried different login types I found in google for the install none worked. I finally tried root blank on a new boot up and it worked. This drops you to a Awsome desktop. I found that if you open a terminal and type the text installed command 'installer' it will give you the graphical install after that everything is great. This is important if you dual boot as the text does not let you pick partitions. I hope this helps someone having the same problem I had.

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