disk boot failure insert system disk

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disk boot failure insert system disk

Postby swillis » Wed Nov 09, 2011 23:21

Hi there, I'm getting this error on my PC.

The PC was running Windows XP fine and the OS was on a 80gb IDE drive. There was also a 250gb SATA drive that was used as storage as I was too lazy to reinstall windows on the faster drive, it wasn't my machine at the time. Before I went to run the live disk of Sab 7 KDE x64 I decided to unplug the IDE drive, all I did was remove the IDE cable and the molex power plug. The live disk wouldn't run on my machine (AMD x64 3800, Asus MN2-E, 512 ddr2 800hz, geforce model I can't remeber) so I plugged the 80gb HD back to try and run windoze but oww I get the boot error message. Considering all I did was unplug the IDE cable and power cable then plugged them back in, my guess is I killed the IDE cable? I don't have another to test it. But I can be pretty sure a new cable would fix it right? (Can't beleive I might have to buy one considering the amount of them i've thrown out over the years).

Cheers, Shay
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Re: disk boot failure insert system disk

Postby genfool » Thu Nov 10, 2011 0:44

Sabayon is designed to destroy your hardware if you do not install it .... only choice is to install sabayon and you will get your hardware back :lol: :lol: :lol:

I would imagine that when you unplugged the ide drive it was no longer found in bios, so your storage drive became the boot drive.
Just go back into bios and select the ide xp drive to be the boot drive.
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Re: disk boot failure insert system disk

Postby sabayonino » Thu Nov 10, 2011 13:52

decided to unplug the IDE drive, all I did was remove the IDE cable and the molex power plug

IS your DVD-rom IDE ?

check master/slave IDE cable (and Jumper) is/are plugged as IDE-master

if you plug HD+CDrom check what IDE-Channel you are using and set MASTER/SLAVE properly
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Re: disk boot failure insert system disk

Postby dunsurfin » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:47

At the risk of annoying you by stating the obvious :)
Did you check that you put the ide cable back in the right way round? Have you tried taking all the cables out and then putting them back? Does the drive power up when you switch on?
An 80gb ide disk is probably pretty old - it may well have died at a coincidental point.
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