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Awesome desktop

Post by Ignatius881 » Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:48


I intend to install Sabayon... again. I move very often to other distros, I'm very unstable. But I like sabayon :D

Well, as I said, I intend to do that. And when I went to the mirror to select an .iso image, in daily section, I found a Sabayon .iso with awesome desktop, and I want to know if you use that desktop, or if you tried it, etc. Specially if it recognizes very well the hardware and such things, because E17 didn't recognize my USB wireless some time ago.


PD: My second option to install is the .iso with KDE, if Awesome is not suitable for me or for my hardware.

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Re: Awesome desktop

Post by raman » Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:04

Emm what? So you want to install Sab with E17 and KDE and you asking about opinion? I don't know E17 so maybe somebody else write smth.
For me Sabayon KDE and XFCE are working nice. You know you never get a full potential of DE without some get to know DE and some research.
KDE is more ready to go DE, but more memory occupied. XFCE is light, fast, but you must install some another packages, read a little documentation. I google a little to run XFCE and solve some my problems, but know it's OK.

I heard that Sabayon team is working hard to prepare Sab 7 XFCE, that will be have similar functionality like KDE at the beginning. We will see.
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Re: Awesome desktop

Post by iimblack » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:57

Your choice of window manager or desktop has nothing to do with hardware detection.
Desktop environments such as KDE, XFCE, or GNOME will come with network managers to allow you to use your hardware. Window managers such as Fluxbox or Awesome do not, you will need to either install a network manager, such as wicd, or manage it yourself.
Also, you will need to ensure that your usb wireless is even supported by the Sabayon kernel. If it is not, then none of the above will matter and you will need to either recompile the kernel or install a package to support your card.

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Re: Awesome desktop

Post by batvink » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:31

you could run a Sabayon live cd/dvd, and see if it recognize your usb wireless card.
if it does, you can run Awesome, together with NetworkManager, or WICD...

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Re: Awesome desktop

Post by sabyano » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:37

S7 with the awesome wm has network manager installed.
Open a terminal and type in "nm-applet" (without quotation marks) and you will get it working in the awesome's bar on the top. Click the icon and choose your network. (don't close the terminal).
Then you can also add "nm-applet" in the rc.lua to have it in the start up.

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Re: Awesome desktop

Post by DarthLukan » Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:48

Awesome is not meant to be an "automagic" setup for anybody other than to get you a running desktop. If you need to start network manager, do this:

press winkey (mod4) + 'r', a small run prompt will open on the wibox (top bar),
type 'nm-applet' without quotes and then press enter.

To open a terminal (and ultimately do anything as there are ZERO menu items in the default config of Awesome) press mod4+enter. With those two keybinds you can access everything else that you need to know about how to use Awesome and Sabayon.
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