KDE 4.7.2 battery weirdness

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KDE 4.7.2 battery weirdness

Post by speckles » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:03

Since I upgraded to KDE 4.7.2 on my Macbook, the battery indicator in the system tray seems to be freaking out. My Macbook has a series of five green LEDs on the underside to indicate battery charge. Even when the battery charge is 3 or 4 LEDs out of 5 max, the KDE battery widget starts telling me my battery is 4% charged and that KDE is putting my laptop to sleep in 30 seconds! Then when I plug in the power cord and resume from sleep, the battery widget suddenly goes up to 69% charged instantaneously.

This is annoying because KDE puts my laptop to sleep when I am nowhere near running out of battery charge. I have since disabled sleep when the battery reaches critical level in the System Settings as a workaround. But then if my battery really does run down my computer will probably do an unsafe shutdown from loss of power.

Is anyone else having this problem? I want to be able to trust the KDE battery widget to report the correct charge.

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