GoogleChat plugin producing black box for video

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GoogleChat plugin producing black box for video

Postby yu210148 » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:15

When running Chormium 14.0.835.163 (Developer Build 0 Linux) with the Google Talk Plugin v2.3.2.0 &
Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator v0.1.44.11 although when I access the video chat settings via gmail-->Mail Settings-->Chat-->Verify your settings I get a black box for the video feed and the message:
Code: Select all
[1021/224841:ERROR:o3d/core/cross/] nacl::ReceiveMessage failed : Connection reset by peer

is thrown to the console when chromium is run from the command prompt.

Interestingly enough, the person I'm video chatting with can see me just fine. Also, the audio works as expected in both directions.

I'm not sure if this is something I should take up up-stream with the Google Talk people but I though I'd post here to see if there's something silly that I'm missing first. The machine is a 64 bit one originally installed with sabayon 6 and up-to-date according to 'equo upgrade' with the sabayon-weekly repos.

I did notice that with the vlc backend in phonon (Kmenu-->System Settings-->Multimedia-->Phonon) the test of the web cam capture device produced the same 'black box' output however when I opened /dev/video0 in the vlc player it worked as expected.

I tried the xine backend in phonon but when I hit the test button with xine set as the preferred backend system settings would crash.

I installed the phonon-gstreamer from media-libs and set gstreamer as the backend in Kmenu-->System Settings-->Multimedia-->Phonon and when I clicked the test button the webcam image appeared as expected.

Regardless of all that the point is that the Google Talk plugin only shows a black box as my (or anyone that I'm video chatting with)'s output.

The system is a Gateway NV73A04u.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there's any other I can provide please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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