Sadistic Sabayon (solved)

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Sadistic Sabayon (solved)

Post by nobicycle » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:29

Dear all,

I am a hopeful returning user to Sabayon. I quit during the last release of about a year ago which ran fine from Live CD but failed after installation! This was on a quite modern PC (Gigabyte mb, 2G memory AMD64 cpu, nvidia gpu).

This is obviously very frustrating and time wasting. The Live CD demonstrated that Sabayon ran on the machine but failed during hard disk install! I don't know how many people this affects but the above hardware is not uncommon.

Sabayon is the best distribution and I would like to use it again. However, the same issue has appeared again using different hardware:


I know we have no Divine right to support, but if you would like to make suggestions on how to track this down I believe it would remove an embarrassing bug from Sabayon, which is the only distro I know that runs from Live CD, encourages users to install, but then crashes at the login prompt. A sort of sadistic Sabayon.

Best wishes
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Re: Sadistic Sabayon

Post by cmost » Sat Oct 08, 2011 19:21

I'm sorry to hear about your issues with Sabayon. It would be exceedingly helpful to see a detailed listing of your hardware or copies of your error logs. Otherwise, there's not much help I can offer when you only say "It's broken; how do I fix it?" Since you're having an identical issue with different hardware, I would suspect (depending on how different the hardware) that maybe your technique in burning the DVD is at fault. Did you check the checksum on the ISO file after you downloaded it? Did you burn the ISO to disk at the slowest possible speed? Are you using reputable optical media?
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Re: Sadistic Sabayon

Post by nobicycle » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:53

Thank you cmost. All those good things you suggest have been done. The results are at the link I posted.
I posted here in this section to try and get some attention because the other post is in Daily/Molecule and few people look there it seems.

I wonder if I do a diff of /etc between Live CD and installed system? It is a truly baffling problem.

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Re: Sadistic Sabayon

Post by Gordon » Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:52

Have to say, the last install I did wasn't without problems either. I ran the installer from the CD menu and there was no obvious problem, but the installed system was a no go. Then I booted into the live CD and redid the install using the installer shortcut and then it did work. It baffled me, but since I'm not doing twenty-something installs a week I just let it go. May be something for the developer crew to investigate though.

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Re: Sadistic Sabayon

Post by genfool » Fri Oct 28, 2011 18:29

Sorry to here issues with the installs, without any specific errors, did grub not show up, did it boot to a black screen?
Did the installer complete and prompt you to reboot? .... many things can go wrong with any install, linux or windows .... with no info is no way to help.

I am just browsing the forums while my fresh install is updating. I chose kforensic daily this time. I was very impressed at how smooth the install went, were no issues, I have a quad boot with an extra partition for testing distros ... I put this install over the previous install that controls grub, all my other distros showed up ....first boot was awesome and fast .... everything is perfect.
Thanks wolfden.... Nice job :D

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