Macbook Air 3.1 / Intel Graphics HD 3000

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Macbook Air 3.1 / Intel Graphics HD 3000

Post by imorhi » Fri Sep 23, 2011 21:06

Finally got on the Mac bus and I'm afraid now that I won't get Sabayon to work :(

Just tried installing Sabayon Daily (21 Sept 2011) since I thought that would be the most compatable.
Started to boot etc etc and then when it got to the desktop x11 didn't load right and all I ended up with is a cursor and a blank screen.

I've been looking around and only found a few .sh solutions for Slowbuntu. Looks like most of it is related to the kernel and luckily (/sarcasm off) I have no experience or clue about linux kernel. I also think it may be because of the Intel Graphics HD 3000 but I'm not entirely sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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