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Mirrors lists

Postby dudumomo » Tue Nov 16, 2010 15:01

Hi there,
I've just installed the latest Sabayon 64b Gnome version to set up my HTPC.
(I usually use Gentoo...but I did want to spent to many times on this computer...and I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu...Hopefully Sabayon will suit me and that I will not mess between emerge and equo)

I got several questions as I don't really know how to use Sabayon.
The main one concern the mirrors list.

I firstly deleted every mirrors in the package manager in order to set the closest mirrors. However i thought a software like mirrorselect but for equo was available....I didn't find anything close to that....is it the case ?

So I have manually added some "close" mirrors from the download page of sabayon. However despite my relatively good connection (FTTC 20M/5M) I'm living in Taiwan and there isn't any mirrors there...and the Japanese mirror seems dead, as the Thai one.

So I'm currently running under a Malaysian mirror but not very fast....(300kb/s max with some latency)
I've added some others mirrors (USA and AU), run the command
Code: Select all
equo repo mirrorsort sabayonlinux.org

And it has ranked the mirrors by "speed"

However it has still selected a malaysian one....but with an actual lower DL rate than the one I was using (So I had to skip it)

I guess it's because it is based on ping test right ?

Does Sabayon as any more powerfull tool to select mirrors ? and Does sabayon have more mirrors than shown on the download page ?

Quite bad, I will need to add all of them manually and to run the mirrorsort command again and do manually my selection...

Also, still base on mirror, I see there isn't any mirror in France...I have a dedicated server there with a 1Gbps connection. What are the requirement to run a mirrors ? (if it is accepted by Sabayon's team)

Thank you
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Re: Mirrors lists

Postby wolfden » Tue Nov 16, 2010 22:10

Unfortunately your location makes it tough as the mirrors are just not there. We don't have any more mirrors, what you see is what you get. Thanks to everyone that does provide that service btw.

To be a mirror, all you need to do is setup a cron job to rsync from another mirror. Let us know the information and we will add it to mirror list.

We do get a lot of users from the Asia area that struggle with this, be nice to get a mirror setup in that part of the world.
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Re: Mirrors lists

Postby dudumomo » Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:42

Thank you for your answer.
My private server at home has only 5M up...not really enough to be a mirror.
However my french one will be okay.

So, I will continue to test Sabayon and see how it goes.
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Re: Mirrors lists

Postby albfneto » Sat Nov 20, 2010 19:49

edit the list of mirrors is easy.

the mirrors for gentoo are in make.conf, bu for entropy, sabayon, are in

Code: Select all

mirrorselect command works in Sabayon, but works for PORTAGE mirrors.

see the file, edit it as root and `place` the mirror nearest you geographic location , as LAST in the list (not the FIRST as in Gentoo, the LAST in list will be the main mirror.

I`m in Brasil, and i use the USA mirrors, that are `more near` me. Brasil and South America not have Sabayon mirrors in this moment.

i contacted UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil and UFPR, Curitiba, PR, Brazil, to be Sabayon mirrors, since they are the official Gentoo mirrors in Brasil
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Re: Mirrors lists

Postby ashley194 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:37

Hi albfneto,

Just installed Sabayon x86_64 K 6 & updating via Optus.com.au was taking me forever (being in the UK) :(

So thanks for advising how to change mirrors :D
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Re: Mirrors lists

Postby dudumomo » Thu Oct 06, 2011 15:43

Very sad that the connectivity with Asia is so bad forSabayon....

But thanks to viewtopic.php?f=86&t=25433&view=unread#p141437 I've just learnt how to select the quickest mirror for me (living in Taiwan)

I will try to contact some univerities here in Taiwan. A mirror there won't be luxe.
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