Resize konsole freezes machine

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Resize konsole freezes machine

Post by King_DuckZ » Wed Sep 07, 2011 0:57

Hello, I'm new to Sabayon and I'm experiencing a problem in KDE. When I resize Konsole, the system freezes or at best the screen gets corrupted with funny dots, forcing me to reboot.

This post seems to point out that it's a bug in the nVidia drivers, but I got other systems running just fine on the same machine (Debian, Mandriva...). Another relevant page seems to be this one, where they state the bug got fixed two months ago. Am I the only one having this problem on Sabayon?

I'm using the KDE version, my graphic card is a GeForce GT130M. I can post more details about driver versions if you tell me how to do that... I'm not so good with emerge yet and I have to go to bed - I just hope someone got a quick solution since this problem seems to be well known already :)

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Re: Resize konsole freezes machine

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:49

I don't have your problem, but then my laptop does not have an NVIDIA GPU so it is not possible for me to reproduce your environment. Therefore I can only make a suggestion. Does the problem happen if you have compositing turned off (System Settings > Desktop Effects: untick 'Enable desktop effects at startup' and log-out/log-in)? Or does it occur both when Desktop Effects are enabled and when they are disabled?

If the problem only occurs when Desktop Effects (compositing) is enabled, go to System Settings > Desktop Effects, click on the Advanced tab and change the compositing type to XRender, and click Apply. Then log-out and log-in again to check if that makes a difference. Another thing you could try would be to tick 'Disable functionality checks', both with OpenGL and with XRender.

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