LVM - Stripping

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LVM - Stripping

Post by ro.nau » Mon Nov 27, 2006 14:38

Firstly, I've to excuse myself for having no clue where to post this question..

I want to use LVM(2), which is the default setting in the anaconda installer, for my system. Unfortunately, anaconda didn't ask for striping. :-\
So, I do have my wanted partitions now, but striping isn't activated.

Thus the reason of this topic is:
-> Does someone know a way to activate striping for an existing logical volume (lv)?
(lvchange has some -i option, but I didn't figure out how to use it after all)

-> Don't you think an option to set striping during the installation process would be a useful

Thanks for your replies. :-)

ps.: These two requests/questions belong together, as they are based on the same situation, so I suppose one thread is appropriate. On the other hand, first question actually belongs in the "The Shed" while the second is a feature request which is supposed to be posted in the "Sabayon Linux development suggestions" forum. I hope I didn't compromise too bad.

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