Latest Gnome 3 Problems

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Latest Gnome 3 Problems

Postby bartos » Wed Aug 24, 2011 20:38

I have noticed the recent posts for Gnome 3 problems all are answered "Install gnome-shell".
Could gnome shell be add as a dependency to gnome 3 core?
Before doing the updates and you find gnome 3 in list, do a search for gnome-shell and install everything listed (4 or 5 things). This will give you gnome-shell and tweaks plus system-monitor and couple of others.
This should save some grief and posts.

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Re: Latest Gnome 3 Problems

Postby joost » Wed Aug 24, 2011 22:14

We perhaps want to do this when new fglrx (ati-drivers) are released that actually support gnome-shell.
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