Unbreak XFCE after recent update [Solved]

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Unbreak XFCE after recent update [Solved]

Postby bobmc » Sat Jul 02, 2011 22:21

Today Jul02 the XFCE window manager selection failed with xsession errors. Windows could not be repositioned or resized. I had to work in a tabbed terminal to investigate.

Update of various xfce-base packages did not help. I finally did the following:-
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adduser -m buffy
passwd buffy
usermod -G adm,wheel -a buffy
login buffy
userdel bobmc
mv /home/bobmc /home/bobmc_sav
adduser -m bobmc
passwd bobmc
login bobmc

Now the window manager worked, I copied over mozilla,emacs,thunderbird, and other application control files to the new account. Then removed the temporary accounts.

Obviously, some XFCE control file must have been broken or obsoleted by yesterday's update.
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