RTL8192SU and kernel 2.6.39

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Baby Hen
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RTL8192SU and kernel 2.6.39

Post by parapente » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:30

I have problems using this wireless driver with the latest kernel. It works just fine in 2.6.38. If I try to boot 2.6.39 I get in dmesg that the driver cannot load the firmware. I have already installed linux-firmwares-2.6.39 and net-wireless/rtl8192su-firmware-2.6.0001.0320.2009. What could be the problem?

Baby Hen
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Re: RTL8192SU and kernel 2.6.39

Post by Ephemer0l » Sat Jun 25, 2011 23:59

I had a simmalur issue I posted about here on the forum. I hope it helps.

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Re: RTL8192SU and kernel 2.6.39

Post by lxnay » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:49

Could you post here the output of "dmesg" ?
For sure there is a missing firmware, and we would like to solve it by adding the same to our repos.
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