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Uh, Oh....

Postby Darksurf » Thu Nov 23, 2006 23:13

I upgraded my ATI-drivers and enabled XGL and Beryl seems to be having problems. So I downgraded the ATI-drivers and still having problems. I don't think this version of beryl is very stable. (talking about 1.2 ) I'd stick with 1.1 if I were you people!! Wait for beryl 1.3 before trying an upgrade. I eventually went back to the newest ATI-drivers ,because they improved my fps compared to the earlier version (when not in XGL that is). I haven't been able to test the newest drivers in XGL though so be warned!!! The beryl upgrade screwed me before I got the chance. I'm not going to bother with downgrading beryl since 3.2 is coming out for download soon. I may just start the torrent now. I'm going to reformat my HD to XFS :wink:
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