Some newbies questions....

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Some newbies questions....

Postby xenon341 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 16:47

Hi !
I have some newbies question, sorry lol so, the first :

What means this command ?

layman -s sabayon

it's a special repository created for sabayon ? what is layman ?

How to update easily Sabayon ? just be up to date for application like firefox, openoffice ?

For example, on ubuntu, to update, we just have to lauch apt-get dist-upgrade
I have read somewhere that it's

emerge --sync #to download new portage tree, that, ok i understand
emerge -u world #this update all system ?

On the wiki, in the tips section i have read that :

emerge --sync
glsa-check -f all

it's another way to update ?

And, to finish i have read this :
emerge -auDN world
If i understand, this will bu update dependencies too, there is no risk to break the system ?

For example, i want to update applications, ati drivers, kernel, firefox, opera, thunderbird, etc.... what is the magical command ? :D

Once again sorry for these question, i had took a look to the wiki but, an expert's advise would be great ;)
Thanks, and sorry for this bad english :)
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Postby wolfden » Thu Nov 23, 2006 18:57

Please see for resources


glsa ... =1&chap=14

layman is a portage overlay manager, adding extra (custom or user) ebuilds

Gentoo documentation is huge - read the handbook and - you will find almost anything you need between the two
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Postby xenon341 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 21:00

Thanks a lot wolfden :)
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