monitor/resolution/refrresh rate problems ** FIXED / SOLVED!

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monitor/resolution/refrresh rate problems ** FIXED / SOLVED!

Postby AmpLiF1eR » Tue Nov 21, 2006 17:30


First of all, I completely new to Linux.. (about 2 weeks now)
I've only tried Ubuntu/Kubuntu till now and was happy to get TV-OUT, Beryl (for the cube and effects) and my webcam working for MSN after a lot of reading.

Then I heard something about Sabayon so I checked some resources and was shocked to see so many programs 'out of the box' and XGL working without a headache :)

So I'd downloaded the 64 bit version of 3.1, burned it to DVD and installed it...
I had chosen the default KDE install and when It was ready the problems begun.

Yes Beryl worked fine from the start and I was happy to see that 'huge' amount of content in my menu but my monitor wasn't recognized correctly and couldn't find a way to change it in xorg.conf (like sudo gedit or sudo nano) because it would given me a message that I was not the right user and it would alarm the administrator or something.

When I would leave the monitor like it was and wanted to change the resolution to 1024x768 for example, the screen would react very strange with the taskbar in the middle on the screen and I wasn able to fix it from there, also the refresh rate was very low on that resolution(60hz) while I mostly have 85hz in Linux (1024x768) and 100hz in Windows (1024x768).

Also sometimes the mouse didn't always work, sometimes the buttons were functioning for 'zooming' functions and couldn't use the left mousebutton for clicking items.

Because of this problems I'm back on Ubuntu because I need my pc daily so I don have a lot of time to wait and solve a lot of issues but I wish I could have used Sabayon without those monitor problems because the rest was stunning great.

I'll keep an eye on this one and hope to be able to use Sabayon with my monitor on the right screen settings one day.

(AMD Athlon64 3800, 1GB memory (dual mode), Nvidia 6600GT 256mb AGP and a black IBM P200 19" CRT monitor)[list=][/list]
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Postby AmpLiF1eR » Tue Nov 21, 2006 18:40

***UPDATE*** :

Strange..... I grabbed the Live-DVD again and booted it up...
Now I entered at boot command "sabayon AIGLX res=1024" and it booted excellent in the right resolution in 85hz !
...started gnome, started xfce.... all went great, wtf...

What is going wrong when I install it then... Is there a method to install it with a command parameter like "sabayon AIGLX res=1024" like I can do with the live-dvd ???
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Postby AmpLiF1eR » Tue Nov 21, 2006 21:38

*** UPDATE / FIXED ****

Ok, I thought 'maybe' when I booted the Live cd with the right parameters and I install it, the installation will install with the same resolution settings... IT DID !!

I installed it next to another distro (to be safe) and it works great now.

I think that when I installed it the previous time with a high resolution (1600) and wanted to change the resolution to 1024x768, I didn't know about the ' false' refresh rate shown in the dialog, so I had chosen the highest one (56hz or something) while I should have left this setting alone, with the strange screen I couldn't solve afterwards.

Maybe it is VERY important to make this perfectly clear for new users before they make a wrong judgement and leave Sab.

Now it works perfectly and what I noticed in comparison to Ubuntu is that this is f*ck1ing fast =]
Also in KDE mode.

Now my goal is to get TVOUT working (not tested yet if it already works, but I assume not) and if I succeed with that, Ubuntu can be removed because I don't see a reason to keep it after I can watch my divx movies also on my television, so that is my primaly goal to look at for me :)

Thanks for a great release.
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Postby cvill64 » Tue Nov 21, 2006 21:58

congrats :) yes, anything based at boottime will be installed
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