suse, microsoft deal oh my

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random guy
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Post by random guy » Mon Nov 20, 2006 21:02

that is the biggest load of bs i have heard. put microsoft in a sentence with innovation and you got an oxymoron.

if anything microsoft is copying linux: windows vista is basically an attempt to make a comeback and match the innovations of mac os and linux. everything new about vista is already in mac os and linux.

what innovations are they talking about anyway? a start menu? wow microsoft was first one to list installed apps in a menu. wow that is innovative! plus that was a long time ago and totally irrelevant to linux or any desktop manager.

microsoft is so monopolitic, they try to take ove the competition, threaten them for law suits taht are irrelevant and have no grounds for a suit. suse is probably just afraid that microsoft has amazing lawers who can make anything look like a microsoft innovation. "well we were thinking of having multiple desktops years ago but we never decided to do it or tell anyone, linux was just reading our minds and stealing our ideas, they owe us money..."

i guess it makes no use for me to argue here because we all know that microsoft sucks but still it pains me to see that some people actually think that bill gates is ethical and no trying to have a monopoly on just about everything under the sun.

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Post by Darksurf » Mon Nov 20, 2006 21:24

Stupid, Da*n, Monopoly!!!!!!! Screw you microsoft! Now they're trying to take linux into their dirty hands. Next will be Mac, then BSD, and finally Unix! They already do stuff for Mac now that I think of it! This SUCKS! I knew I didn't like SUSE for some reason! (I don't like Novell)

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Post by random guy » Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:57

ya they know that here in america we have strict rules for monopolies so they cant officially take over mac os or linux (mac os has almost gone bankrupt before but then gates gave them some money to keep them afloat enough so that he wouldnt be sued for a monopoly) but he will put his hands in it enough so that he can control them without it being offical.

they do just like what that article says, they say "you took something of ours, we want you to agree to join us or we will sue you" there are no grounds for a lawsuit but the fact that microsoft is so rich they could hire every lawyer in the world to help them. i can honestly not think of one innovative thing that linux borrowed from windows and they borrowed a lot from us and even more so from macintosh. every feature in vista is already in mac os tiger.

furthermore how can linux copy microsoft if linux is unix based and not dos based? just doesnt make any logical sense from a code point of view.

i think companies like red hat, mandriva, and ubuntu which have money should take a stand since what suse is doing is going to hurt them a lot soon.

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Post by ajez » Tue Nov 21, 2006 9:57

wolfden wrote:See this

Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft
Ballmer did not provide details during his comments today. But he was adamant that Linux users, apart from those using SUSE, are taking advantage of Microsoft innovation, and that someone -- either Linux vendors or users -- would eventually have to pay up. ... _AM&nlid=1

This partnership with Suse is nothing but a crook job - now they are trying to make the rest of the distros look bad. Dispise em both till no end.
this is the novell reply :D ... etter.html

:roll: not a good partnership between novell and microsoft lol :roll:
really a bad start :D

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Post by wolfden » Tue Nov 21, 2006 10:38

Novell is stuck in a situation that they can't win. You can't sit there and be Microsoft and Open Source. They are are telling MS what MS wants to hear and telling Linux people what they want to hear. You can't trust either one of em. Neither one is gaining themselves any ground with the people.

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