Attention KDE 4.6 Users (Sabayon Linux 5.5)

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by NotExcessive » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:30

Just going back to the single-click mode to enable you to move desktop items around, I also have that occurring. With the mouse action set to double-click, I can only select an item but not drag it around.

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by .walls » Thu Feb 10, 2011 20:15

Is anyone else having an issue using right click on the desktop to open an application launcher since upgrading to KDE 4.6?

All I get now is "Desktop Settings Alt+D, Alt+S", but it works fine if I add in an extra modifier (meta + right click, alt + right click, whatever). I know it's not a user setting, but I can't test if it's upstream as I don't have any other installs with KDE 4.6.

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by Skull Fire » Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:45

i' have choosen not to upgrade my stable sabayon release to either kernel .37 or KDE 4.6 yet.

i did install , update, and upgrade sabayon 5.5 kde 64 bit on another hd. the only problem i had was the darkened desktop theme. as i a quick simple fix i went to system settings>workspace appearance> desktop theme and changed the theme. the good news for me is i found a pretty awsome theme named Tragedy, the desktop widgets with this theme looks sweet on sabayon imho.
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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by sedo_5 » Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:51

Hello everyone, i'm posting my little problem here instead of creating a new thread...hope it's ok!
Yesterday i upgraded my Sabayon 5.4 kde 64bit totally, so that my kde upgraded to the 4.6.0 version.
Everything turned out right, no problems, just a little difference with colors, easily resolved.
But now i'm experiencing a strange problem and i would also like to know if it happens to somebody else too.
Since my upgrade all the windows i'm opening continue to maximize, and even if i resize them to the size i want them to stay, they continue to maximize (it happens every time i click on a window wich is reduced in the system tray or in the kicker)...
Is that a known bug? does it happen to somebody else? can you suggest me a solution? :?:
Thanks to you all in advance

Renzo :)

PS: i love sabayon more and more

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:03

Have a look in Kickoff > System Settings > Window Behaviour and see if disabling one of the settings in the sections Screen Edges and Window Behaviour in there stop the problem.

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by sedo_5 » Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:43

Thanks! I've found out that that problem was caused by an option i've never seen before (or maybe i've never noticed it).
I'm an italian user so the italian name of it is "intarsio" which i think can be translated in english as "inlay": anyway, it's under Windows Behaviour>windows behaviour (the second one in the column for me)>Advanced>and the last one is "inlay" (or similar), where it says "Enable Inlay" and the sub-options are "disposition - spiral" and others...
It was enabled and disabling it solved my issue. By the way...i don't even know what it is for! (do you know it?)


EDIT: i found out it's "TILING", not INLAY; i've also found out what that's for:

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users

Post by munkybeatz » Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:24

Awesome, blossom! I just copied and pasted the snippet, from OP, and almost as soon as I it Ctrl+Shift+V, voila! I didn't have to restart anything, just plain worked right away. I had installed Sabayon a few weeks ago and had thought the black on black junk was intentional, until I decided to start skimming throuhgh the forums and happened across this post when I wasn't even really lookin for it. Even before this fix, I was so impressed with how Sabayon looks in KDE, I didn't mind it.Now, I'm even more impressed.

- Thanks wolfdan! :wink:

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Re: Attention KDE 4.6 Users (Sabayon Linux 6.0)

Post by anomaly65 » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:03

Hi all,

Ok, just installing/updating to KDE 4.7 and still stuck with dark fonts on dark background on systray and notification background. Seriously, any help appreciated. tried the "cp /etc/skel/.kde* /home/$user/ without any success.

I literally fell down a flight of stairs onto a concrete floor breaking the entire left half of my face and doing similar brain damage. Not looking for sympathy, just a helping hand to someone who actually wrote major kernel code in sys V UNIX and then linux nearly 20 years go. all help appreciated:-) Before january 2011 fall/accident, I easily fixed this manually on my workstation, now trying to help sabayon admirer/user friend out who isn't a programmer.

Thanks, and many superb compliments for a kick a-- distro :-)
Use handrails on stairs. A nasty fall face first changes your point of view quickly, and mine permanently :-)

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