initramfs question

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initramfs question

Post by slbmeh » Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:21

I'm trying to use the installer to auto-partition an encrypted lvm environment. Everything seems to work great as far as install. The problem I am having is at the first boot the init in the initrd only processes cryptsetup with one drive which causes lvm to fail.

I suppose I can fix the issue post setup if I booted into a working environment, however I would imagine it would be easier to do during install... Or am I wrong? Does the installer generate the initramfs for the kernel? Where is the dir tree/tarball/cpio/lzma/squashfs/etc... for the initrd? I imagine it is not compiled into the kernel. Or is there a way to make/save corrections to the initscript from the failsafe shell?

I know it's a bunch of questions, most of which I can find out from digging further... I'm just frustrated at the moment that it took me 5 consecutive installs with three different media to finally decide to look into what was causing the problem... (Creating an 4TB Ext4 system isn't quick)...

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Re: initramfs question

Post by yuguang » Tue Oct 19, 2010 20:02

You didn't get a reply on this forum for a loooong time. I suggest posting the issue on gentoo's forums or linux questions.

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