SabayonLinux 3.1 in Distrowatch Weekly

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SabayonLinux 3.1 in Distrowatch Weekly

Post by ed » Mon Oct 16, 2006 13:41

Ladislav Bodnar has compared it to Mandriva 2007: ... ode=1#blog

I know not everyone was too appreciative of Ladislav's review of 3.0 but this seems a little better, though not entirely knowledgeable. Problems he had:

- Slow to boot
- No Vi :roll:
- Beryl config tools a little rough round the edges
- Default fonts

This is my interpretation of his criticisms in trying to make them a bit more constructive:

I've already left him a comment about slow boot times as it's an easy thing to improve if he'd looked at the forum. The slow boot is something many people complain about and it is relatively easy to improve with the tutorials provided. However, can any of those things be implemented during the installation? If you have custom partitioned, why not disable lvm2? If the live CD can detect USB hard drives then surely the installer could toggle doslowusb on or off for an installation to disk.

I know many people don't like Vi but it is a very small package and seeing how there is already a choice of several window managers all of which are much larger than Vi, why not include Vi as an option?

Beryl and AIGLX are of course still very new so the config tools aren't the greatest priority for the developers. He does say that it is better than Mandriva's drak3d tool though.

As for the default fonts, it's an easy thing to change so perhaps have discussion here for which font is best and use it in the next release.

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Post by lxnay » Mon Oct 16, 2006 13:57

Fonts: DejaVu will be used
Slow boot: with 3.2, the installer will trigger doslowusb and dolvm2 only when needed.
vi/vim: oh god, is that a major problem?
Beryl: needs to be resolved upstream, contact Beryl usability team
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Post by Shadowx » Sat Nov 04, 2006 18:35

I know a lot of *nix that swear by Vi/Vim, but I think it's more of a point of habit more than anything else. But Vi has always seemed like a Linux default app, almost like ls to be honest, but I really don't care about not having it. And it's so easy to merge it, it's really just a complaint of laziness. :)

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I left but would like to come back if

Post by maprx » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:15

I really liked Sab 3.0 worked great. 3.1 and the beta drivers was a nightmare for me. Changing the nvidia drivers in gentoo is not too easy. Thus, I left and skipped fedora and went to the new Ubuntu. Well Ubuntu works fine and looks great. But I am bored and want to run Sab again. Question can Sab dual boot with Ubuntu? Can the Installer, resize the Ubuntu disk?


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Post by cvill64 » Wed Nov 08, 2006 15:04

yes it can :lol:

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