Can't ping a Sabayon box

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Can't ping a Sabayon box

Postby NotExcessive » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:44

I've got a small network of Sabayon boxes connected to a Shorewall firewall box. The rule set for ping on the firewall is:

Ping/ACCEPT all all

The Sabayon boxes can ping anything on the Internet, but they cannot ping their neighbours on the same network and the firewall can't ping the Sabayon boxes either. The firewall can ping the outside world, and also any machine on another LAN connected via another NIC.

Is there something basic I've missed that is preventing the Saboyon boxes from accepting ping requests? I initially thought I'd made an error in Shorewall setup, but ping works everywhere except when you're trying to ping the Sabayon boxes.
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Re: Can't ping a Sabayon box

Postby xlnagla » Sun Sep 19, 2010 17:12

can you access the boxes via any other methods? Do you have ssh, ftp, nfs, or any other services enabled? If you cannot access via these protocols, then there may very well be something wrong with your firewall configuration.

On a related note, it is a different setting to permit pings to the firewall than it is to permit pings on the local network protected by it. If I may recommend a different setup, especially for home use:

| |
node node

try not to have your firewall managing internal routing, especially if you have decent practices on the computers within your local intranet.

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