Great script for world update.

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Great script for world update.

Postby anagor » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:33

Hi all,
While I was struggling with "world" update, checking every half an hour to see if it was still running, and resuming it if it had failed... well you know the routine, I've stumbled across this script:
It really helped me, the script is quite simple to understand and even simpler to use:
Copy the entire script to a file and run it as a root, first "#sh -p", and then
"#sh -i"
It will start updating your world, automatically skipping packages that failed, until there is no more packages to compile or until it got to the package that without it compiling successfully it can't proceed.
The script produces a list of failed packages, that you can check.
It surely saved me a lot of time and trouble :)
Give it a try if you plan to do "#emerge -auvD world ".

cheers :)
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Postby wolfden » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:51

tried it a while ago, didn't care for it

--resume --skipfirst works well for me
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Postby cvill64 » Sun Nov 05, 2006 3:53

the list of failed packages is very nice indeed, however, for those that don't care about that, you can always use the "until" command which is also very nice

# emerge world || until emerge --resume --skipfirst; do emerge --resume --skipfirst; done

which will do the same things and just skip the failed packages, this is also really good to use along with an emerge -e of just recompiling stuff only

# emerge -e system || until emerge --resume --skipfirst; do emerge --resume --skipfirst; done && emerge -e world || until emerge --resume --skipfirst; do emerge --resume --skipfirst; done

which will recompile your whole system with new cflags or use flags that you added to make.conf and just skip ones that failed

however, again, this doesn't create a nice little log and such with error messages and such, just another way to do it ;) but then again, I never do that on my production system coz there is no reason too, stuff will get updated when needed
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