Install to external drive - can't put bootloader on /sdb

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Install to external drive - can't put bootloader on /sdb

Post by Golem XIV » Mon Jul 26, 2010 21:18


I want to install Sabayon on an external HDD. The problem is that during installation I don't have the option of saving the bootloader onto the external disk (/sdb), only the internal, /sda. I have Windows 7 on the internal drive.

I can move /sdb in Anaconda to the right-hand panel in order to install on it but the "boot" option won't work.

Another detail: My CD/DVD drive is flaky so I can't boot from it, I'm booting form a pendrive on one USB port and installing to a disk in an external enclosure on another USB port.

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Re: Install to external drive - can't put bootloader on /sdb

Post by joeoden » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:31

What branch and version of Sabayon, 4.x 5.x and x86 (32bit) or amd64 (64bit)?

I have been installing Sabayon 5.3 amd64 K on to a 80 gig 2.5" external drive (sata) and Sabayon 5.3 x86 G on to a 20 gig 2.5" external drive (ide) and they are working. Both systems have been installed via my 64 bit test machine

If I recall correctly when running the installer I was given the option to select the drive I wanted to install SL on
I was presented with a choice of 3 drives (internal, external 80gig usb and the usb 4gig stick)
I just selected the external 80gig usb and using most of the default options except for my country timezone and doing a create custom layout with the partitioning, the bootloader is installed to the one I selected (80gig usb)

If I leave the original internal hard drive in my test machine and install SL on to a external drive then any operating systems that are installed on the internal hard drive are added to the boot menu on the external drive, which is a pain as when I connect the external drive to another computer it has the entries in the boot menu from my test machine

As my test machine does not have the side panel on, I make sure that I disconnect all internal hard drives before I do an external drive install of Sabayon

I recommend that you disconnect your internal hard drive(s) plug in your external drive then switch on your computer and boot with your pendrive and then install SL to your external drive
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