connection with 56k

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connection with 56k

Post by Taek » Sun Jun 13, 2010 11:41

hi!! i've installed Sabayon 5.3 KDE on my pc but i'm not too able to use it! so now i'd like to connect me with an 56k connection and an internal modem but i dont know how i can do it!! can someone help me with an easy way? (im sorry for my english, but im italian!!)

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Re: connection with 56k

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sun Jun 13, 2010 13:24

If it's an internal modem then it's probably a Winmodem (softmodem). Is that the case? If it is, you need to use the scanModem script from the Linmodems site in order to determine what sort of Winmodem it is and what driver it requires. See the post Re: Modems for details and link. If your internal modem needs to use the open-source slmodem driver then you may be out of luck as it is not a good driver in my experience: it is missing many of the Hayes AT command set that a proper modem has (See the link in the above-mentioned post for further details). In the end I gave up on trying to use slmodem and bought a Zoom pocket USB external modem. See the thread at the above-mentioned link for details. Once the driver is installed you should be able to set it up for use by NetworkManager and KNetworkManager (if you use KDE) or nm-applet (if you use GNOME). I don't use my Zoom modem for Internet access via a dial-up connection using PPP (I only use it occasionally for faxes and PC-to-PC communication via the public telephone network) so I'm not the best person to advise you on that side of things. You might also find the following Web site useful: Modem-HOWTO. Also google "gentoo 56k modem" and "gentoo modem" for more useful articles and posts. Hopefully someone else will post here with more advice for you.

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