Sabayon 3.1 LiveCD theme -How do I get it after install?

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Baby Hen
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Sabayon 3.1 LiveCD theme -How do I get it after install?

Post by Warchilde » Tue Oct 31, 2006 19:24

I tested the LiveCD and was immediately hooked by not only the capabilities of Sabayon "right out of the box" as it were but also by how gorgeous the theme that came up is. I installed Sabayon w/the KDE desktop option and can't figure out how to get my desktop to LOOK like that!


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Post by barcode_linux » Tue Oct 31, 2006 20:22

It should have installed the exact theme from the LiveCD user unless you told the installer NOT to format your /home partition, thereby keeping all of your settings from your last install intact.

But to answer your question:
The easy way is to reboot with the LiveCD and copy everything from the /home/sabayonuser/.kde/ directory over to your own installed ~/.kde/ directory. NOTE: Keep in mind that ALL of your settings, konqueror bookmarks, Kmail settings, everything that pertains to KDE will be gone and reset to the LiveCD user's sttings. But you will end up with the "gorgeous" theme that you desire.
The other, more difficult, way is to get a screenshot of the LiveCD desktop and play with the KDE settings on your own and come up with the look you want. This option is probably safer if you already have settings and files that you want to keep.

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Post by Keynone » Tue Oct 31, 2006 20:48

One other way to get that theme is to use Konqueror to show the hidden files using the View menu, and moving the .kde folder in your home directory to the Desktop or some other folder. Then when you log out and then back in, you should be presented with the KDE Setup Wizard and the LiveCD Theme. You can then copy back any shared folders you may need out the copied folder.

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Post by Warchilde » Tue Oct 31, 2006 20:48

I did have it install into a new partition and it didn't automatically add the theme but as soon as I copied everything over and restarted it is working perfectly. Thanks!

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Post by cvill64 » Tue Oct 31, 2006 21:12


# layman -s sabayon && emerge sabayonlinux-artwork

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