Problems updating entropy

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Re: Problems updating entropy

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Wed May 19, 2010 21:39

Nine days ago lxnay commited a new version of amdcccle to the Sabayon Overlay: ... s=amdcccle to create media-video/amdcccle/amdcccle-10.4-r1.ebuild, and the built package is in the Entropy repository. The OP could try installing/re-installing that separately from ati-drivers.

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Re: Problems updating entropy

Post by genfool » Wed May 19, 2010 22:24

I give \o/
My only point is, this thread started out as a how to update issue. Yes the fresh install link on the wiki is good.
In this case, others searching for a update common getting from 99.38.7 to 99.46.3 is a minor issue today, but an issue.
Slapping it with all the portage commands removing layman and re-installing layman etc... Like taking a sledge hammer to it when it is not needed.
A simple equo install equo entropy --nodeps will cure it. I am thinking at this time to give correct update procedure for new users that will search the forum to correct their issue.
I only suggest re-installing layman as a last resort. Since this thread has changed to ati....maybe it should be moved to an appropriate index.

Fitzcarraldo, when you going to send me that i7 so I can test it for you?

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