5.2 KDE Install Failure Macbook [Solved]

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5.2 KDE Install Failure Macbook [Solved]

Postby shoelesshunter78 » Fri May 14, 2010 2:32

I am something of a noob, so thank you for tolerating my distress call.

I burned a DVD of Sabayon 5.2 KDE. I ran the graphical installation on a clean Macbook (black intell duo core model). No OS was present at the time of Sabayon installation.

The installer seemed to go flawlessly. I was prompted to reboot and I did, however, the system booted directly to the live disc. I used this to test drive the system and all hardware seemed compatible and I LOVE this distro. I assumed the boot to live disc was erroneous so I rebooted without the disc in the drive and no OS was found. I re-inserted the disc and ran installer again. When I reached the partitioner, I selected manual to discover nothing had been written to the disk (all of the space was 'free space').

I have tried a number of times and get the same results. Any help? Doing a dual install beside OS 10.6 is desirable but not necessary. I prefer Sabayon on this particular machine at the expense of a dual boot.

13" Macbook (black)
Intel Duo Core Processor
250 GB HD
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Re: 5.2 KDE Install Failure Macbook

Postby mobilehunter » Fri May 14, 2010 8:15

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