using Napster on xbmc?

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using Napster on xbmc?

Post by halcyon » Thu Apr 29, 2010 18:06

This is my first encounter with Gentoo/Sabayon and I am enjoying it so far, but it is different.
My question is, how do I get my Napster library to play in Sabayon or XBMC? When I try to access it through a browser it just hangs. Any suggestions welcome.

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Re: using Napster on xbmc?

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Fri Apr 30, 2010 19:37

Don't use Napster myself, but Google appears to indicate that you could set up a SHOUTcast server on your PC to stream audio to XBMC. For details of how to set up SHOUTcast with Gentoo/SL, see Streaming Radio With SHOUTcast. Doesn't look simple.

You will need to install the packages media-sound/shoutcast-server-bin and media-sound/shoutcast-trans-bin, neither of which are in Entropy at the moment. You could put in a request via the SL Bugzilla (see the link Bugs at the top right of this page) for these two packages to be added to the Entropy repository, or, alternatively, you could install them via Portage as root user in a Konsole/Terminal window:

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emerge --sync
layman -S
emerge -1v shoutcast-server-bin shoutcast-trans-bin
equo database spmsync
The last command above tells Entropy what you did via Portage.

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