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. . thank you to the team

Post by shoarthing » Fri Oct 27, 2006 12:06

Just a thankyou to the Sabayon development team: I've only been using Sabayon for about a month; but can say this neat version of Gentoo functions better than any OS I have used over the past twenty years, & far better than any I have used in the past year or so.

. . take this current workstation, my everyday & all-day workhorse - a dual 2.6GHz Opteron box with 8x sticks of low-latency Reg/ECC DDR on a fairly uncommon motherboard [Iwill DK8EW], with CPUs/GPU/PSU/HDDs all passively watercooled . . .

PowerNow could never be made to work properly in any form of Windows; yet now the whole system [including the watercooling setup & a 24" LCD] idles happily at around 30% displayed load from a Belkin 1.2KVA UPS . . ie at a displayed draw of around 220W.

To me the most impressive aspects of Sabayon itself have been the helpfulness in these forums of the small development team; the exceptionally thorough & effective 'reinstall' & 'update' functionality offered through the installer; & the impressively neat *.iso-update feature available through xdeltas.

These last two features, combined with the fast release-cycle of Sabayon, really do mean that the user with a /home partition & distfile backups can make system-wide integrated updates without excessive downloading demands or excessive post-update setup time - I can't tell you how much this is appreciated, given the meanness of most UK ISPs.

In a wider sense these features are resource-friendly & entirely in the spirit of Linux.

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