Installing 5.2 KDE amd64 on 27" iMac

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Installing 5.2 KDE amd64 on 27" iMac

Postby mobilehunter » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:17

I'm trying to install Sabayon 5.2 KDE amd64 on my 27 inches iMac.
Below are my steps:
a. preparation:
1. install refit
2. create empty partition from osx

b. making live dvd working:
1. add this boot parameter
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maxcpus=1 xdriver=radeonhd

c. installation:
1. do auto partition (this will create LVM)
2. install grub to partition (NOT MBR), for my case it's on /dev/sda3
3. finish sabayon installation. then shutdown (reboot stop at 88%).
4. turn on again your iMac.

d. post-installation:
1. select refit partition tool to sync partition info.
2. After step C, i don't have linux at refit menu, boot again to live dvd using step b parameter
3. do chrooting to you sabayon installation.
read this link
4. open konsole, then run
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grub2-install /dev/sda3 --force

5. do:
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equo update && equo install grub

6. exit, then shutdown.
7. turn on again your iMac.
8. if you don't see any linux icon at refit menu, try boot again to live dvd try step d.3 and d.4 again.
9. enjoy your sabayon kde. :)
10. i cannot enjoy at step 9, have to fix /var/tmp to make it writeable. just ctrl+f1 login as root, then chmod 777 /var/tmp. back to kdm login (ctrl+f7) and enjoy.

i learned some from this
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Re: Installing 5.2 KDE amd64 on 27" iMac

Postby bboston7 » Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:31

This would be a great thing to post in the wiki (
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