sabayon 5.1 re-installation problem

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Young Hen
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sabayon 5.1 re-installation problem

Post by imar579 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 14:35

I have sabayon 5.1 installed on my Netbook Toshiba S205-9800 but with problem.
When I try reinstall this after the installation said "installation complete" its realy don't finalizing and the message is: atualizing data bases with or something like this and don't finish...

How can i solve this?

Thank you and sorry about my english words :):)
Note Toshiba X205-S9800
Intel C2D T5550
Nvidia GeForce 8700 GT 512 MB
HD Int 250 GB
HD Ext 500 GB
4 GB Mem
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Young Hen
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Re: sabayon 5.1 re-installation problem

Post by LewRockwellFAN » Sun May 09, 2010 18:52

I'm a noob myself, but since you have received no response, I'll offer some suggestions.
1-Maybe you need to give it more time? Sounds like you are waiting for something that requires communication via the internet and sometimes that can be slow.
2-Are you sure your internet (why is "internet" flagged as a misspelling?) connection was good? Maybe you should try again at another time or place?
3-Any reason not to use 5.2 instead of 5.1? Perhaps the good people here have fixed whatever is giving you a problem.

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